Take Care of Your Subaru Recall at Our San Rafael Service Center

Marin Subaru can Handle all Your Subaru Recall Service Needs

Subaru is known for its versatile and dependable vehicles. Even the best vehicles have issues sometimes, however. When Subaru discovers a flaw in one of its designs, you might find that your vehicle's been flagged for recall service. That's where the team at Marin Subaru comes in.

Serving drivers from Oakland to San Francisco, Petaluma, and more, our dealership has the resources to get you back on the road with the confidence you deserve.

What is a Vehicle Recall?

A recall, described most simply, is a design flaw that an automaker has discovered after one of its vehicles has already rolled out for sale. Most often, these are small issues that won't even cause most drivers any trouble. Getting them fixed can still be important toward your vehicle's safe performance, however.

When a recall is issued, service centers like the one you'll find at Marin Subaru will fix them for free! All you have to do is give us a call and schedule an appointment. Many drivers actually discover they have open recall when they bring a vehicle in for another separate service!

Our service experts will let you know the specifics of what needs to be fixed and get it taken care of.

Schedule Your Vehicle Recall Service at Marin Subaru Today

If you'd like to know more about recalls or find out if your Subaru car or SUV has any active ones, give us a call at Marin Subaru. We'll look up your vehicle's records and make sure everything's in order. If you have an open recall, we'll find a convenient time for you to come in and take care of it.

We've helped countless drivers all over the Novato and San Rafael areas. We'd be delighted for the chance to help you out too!