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Linnea Grayson
Internet Transactions Manager

I've been a Marin Subaru team member since 2014 but I have driven Subarus my whole life!

Knowing that most of our customers end up keeping their vehicles for years, I really focus on taking the time to make sure your investment is the right one for you and your family.

Subaru has been with me through high school driving tests, college dorm moves, and adult life adventures. My personal journey as a Subaru owner really gives me a unique perspective that I can pass on to my clients!

Fun fact: my youngest brother is currently driving around my original 1998 Forester. We have several Subaru's in the family with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. Every one of them has been an excellent investment.

Hans Wagner
Internet Transactions Manager

Born in the city and raised in a boat on the bay. I've managed 16 years of my life in the auto industry and have worked for several brand's throughout those years.

I can say with experience and honesty that no other brand has stood out as having the most enthusiastic and loyal customers as the Subaru brand has!

The Subaru owners I've met have convinced me of the brand more so than the brand itself on how truly awesome Subaru is.

The community and lifestyle of a Subaru owner is like nothing I've come across.

The Love felt from a family-owned dealership over that of a faceless corporation is truly remarkable.  To work for a dealership and brand that gives back to its community is far more rewarding than the alternative.

I'm grateful that Marin Subaru supports a brand that truly inspires progress and that the community which supports Marin Subaru reciprocates the Love.

This is why I'm proud to call Marin Subaru my home.

Internet Team Official Best Friend

I was rescued from a San Francisco animal shelter 3 years ago.

Before I found my new home with our team's Internet Transactions Director, I was working as the unofficial shelter mascot.

Now I enjoy riding in my Subaru Forester with the windows down, performing for snacks and chasing crabs along the beach.

I love to greet clients at Marin Subaru - especially when they bring their children or their own furry friends along for the ride!



Irving Chen
Finance Manager

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California.

I would have never guessed that I would be working in the auto industry when I was growing up. My induction into this career, brand, and lifestyle was unexpected to say the least. In 2012 I was a full-time college student and a part time cashier at an independent and locally owned business. One afternoon, my aunt and sister were both visiting a Subaru dealership. My sister forgot to bring her checkbook and called me to help in bringing it to her. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the General Sales Manager.

We were talking about my sister's purchase and the inner workings of a car dealership when I lightheartedly asked if there were any available sales positions. The response took me off guard.

"When can you start?"

My initial reaction was that this was a joke. Until I was handed an application and asked to fill it out.

After having been formally introduced to Subaru and having spent plenty of time experiencing many other vehicles available to the market, I can say with full confidence that Subaru is a brand like no other.

Likewise, Marin Subaru is a dealer like no other. I stand with Marin Subaru because this dealership is honest and transparent with their customers and employees.

Independent, family-owned dealerships are a rarity in this corporate age and I'm so fortunate that Marin Subaru is thriving because of our loyal customers and community foundation.

It was Subaru's vehicles that sold me on the brand. The Subaru customers sold me on the Love. Love Subaru!



Josh Safier
Service Advisor

Trisno Samudra
Master Technician

Kevin Garcia Banos
Service Technician

Rob Frick
Service Technician

Seang Villaisack
Service Technician

David Raskowsky
Service Technician

Alex Chen
Service Technician

Gary Grenno
Service Technician

Oscar Garcia Alejo
Master Technician

Phat Ouk
Master Technician

Elpidio Lopez
Service Porter

Damu Armstead
Service Porter

Chris Bettini
Service Greeter



Tony Grayson
Parts Manager

Sean Fricke
Parts Counter

Kent Girard
Parts Counter

Dennis Lee
Parts Counter

Mark Vallee
Parts Counter