News reports from Japan show that Subaru Corporation joined forces with the Toyota Motor group. What does that mean, exactly? Toyota ramped up its stake in Subaru Corporation, which is a move that will serve to strengthen the ties between them. While this doesn't point to Toyota absorbing Subaru, it does mean that the partnership between the automakers has expanded, which could mean that we have some exciting things to look forward to later down the road.

Let's take a closer look at what this partnership means and what to expect from it:

What does this partnership mean for new Subaru models?

Subaru and Toyota both believe that the tighter partnership and increased stake will help both automakers create better vehicles. Don't worry, though! The Subaru lineup will retain the Subaru charm you know and love. So, your favorite Subaru models like the Subaru Forester and Subaru Outback will still have all the things that make them unique.

So, what will change? The partnership with Toyota is expected to help improve Subaru models with Toyota hybrid technology. As EVs and hybrids grow more popular, Subaru will have the chance to expand their hybrid repertoire by creating hybrid variants of popular nameplates. A closer relationship with Toyota can help immensely with this goal.

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