At Marin Subaru, we want to make the entire car shopping process as simple and enjoyable as possible, which is why we're here to highlight some of the key advantages that both buying and leasing a new vehicle can offer you. While both options offer terrific advantages, they're all very different and it's all dependent on what you're looking to get out of your next vehicle. We want your car shopping process to be fun, not confusing, so continue reading below to learn the different benefits that buying or leasing a new Subaru vehicle with us can offer you!

Who Should Buy a New Vehicle?

You should buy your next vehicle instead of lease it if you know that you want to own your vehicle and drive it for the foreseeable future. When you get a loan and buy a vehicle, you're making payments to own it and it becomes fully yours once all the payments are paid. This lets you have total freedom with your vehicle. You can drive it as many miles as you please, choose to hold off on normal wear and tear and even customize your vehicle however you see fit. When you're ready to find a new vehicle, you can sell your vehicle either to a dealership or to a third-party for a price that you set.

Who Should Lease a New Vehicle?

If you don't want to commit to one vehicle for a long period of time, leasing is probably a better option for you. Leasing a new vehicle lets you drive a new vehicle for a few years then bring it back and trade it for another lease vehicle, so you can always be driving a new vehicle. Leasing is also less expensive than buying a new vehicle because you're only paying for the vehicle for the time that you drive it, not the entire cost of the vehicle over all, letting you pay lower monthly payments and a lower down payment, if one at all. Another benefit of leasing is that your vehicle will be covered by warranty for the entirety of your lease period in most cases, so you don't have to pay for normal maintenance and servicings.

Join Us at Marin Subaru in San Rafael to Learn More About Financing or Leasing a New Subaru Model Today!

When it comes down to it, the only way to make a firm decision about whether buying or leasing your next vehicle is right for you is to come join us at Marin Subaru and learn about your specific options in person! We'll walk you through the loan and lease plans for your dream vehicle and help you decide which plan is the best fit for you so you can drive home and around the Bay Area in your new Subaru vehicle in no time!

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