Your Subaru will need a number of different service over the course of its life to ensure safe and reliable performance. One service that goes a long way to keeping your Subaru running like new for many miles to come is regular oil changes. Without the dash indicator light coming on do you know how often you should change your oil? And why it is important?

The old rule of thumb was that San Rafael should change their oil every 3,000 miles. That isn't the case today with better motor oil and more efficient engines. Our Subaru technicians recommend that you should change your oil every seven to ten thousand miles. Some drivers may need oil changes sooner depending on their driving habits and what type of oil their Subaru requires. For example, the Subaru WRX takes a different type of oil than the Impreza to ensure the same high-level performance.

It is vital to change your oil at proper intervals to maintain your Subaru's performance. BOXER engines are unique and feature a flat design. The horizontally opposed design of the engine means that the pistons make side to side punches. This results in less vibration for a smooth ride and is also a key to your Subarus efficient and lasting performance. Motor oil keeps the pistons moving smoothly and prevents road dirt from building up on the engine. When you don't change your oil regularly you are letting dirt build up in the engine. The moving components of your engine need clean oil to prevent creating friction from moving at such high speeds. Friction will create heat and over time the parts of your engine can warp causing your engine to run less efficiently and eventually your engine will seize. Once that happens you are looking at a very costly repair.

Like many other Subaru drivers from around the Bay Area you love your Forester, Outback or Legacy and want the best for it. Our Subaru certified technicians only use genuine Subaru parts which together make our service center your number one destination for all your Subaru service needs. Give our service center a call today to get your Subaru in for an oil change. Also be sure to check out our parts and service specials for coupons to help you save on your next oil change.

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