Have Your Oil Changed Today at Marin Subaru in San Rafael, CA!

When was the last time your oil was changed? Now that summer is winding down to a close and the cooler months are ahead of us, now's a great time to have your oil changed at Marin Subaru in San Rafael, CA! From the many commutes around San Francisco and Oakland to the many adventures that you'll embark on beyond the Bay Area in the coming months, you want to make sure that your Subaru vehicle is performing at the highest level and will continue to for the many miles ahead of you. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to ensure that your vehicle is performing properly is through routine oil changes, allowing your engine to get the protection and proper lubrication it needs to perform properly and efficiently!

Your motor oil is commonly referred to as the lifeblood of your vehicle because of the way it protects and upholds the performance of your engine. Throughout the dry, warm days of summer in San Rafael, there's an abundance of dirt and other debris on the road, which can in turn find its way into your engine. Your motor acts as a shield against intruding dirt, collecting it before it has a chance to make its way into and damage the many moving components in your engine. It also lubricates and cools those many moving parts to protect against overheating and allow your engine to perform efficiently and correctly. When you wait too long to have your oil changed, that dirt can cause the oil to gunk up and can end up damaging your engine. Rather than deal with expensive consequences of improper oil changes, we welcome you to schedule an appointment online or come see us in our service center in San Rafael today and our team of expert technicians will get your oil changed in the quickest and most convenient manner today! We can also do a full routine maintenance check on your vehicle to make sure that everything is performing properly and address any areas that need attention, before a small issue can become a large problem!

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